I would be here if I could…

forthcoming project 2023

Next year a large, mirrored cube will appear at different places throughout the UK. It
may stay for a few minutes and be asked to move on, or it might stay the whole day…

Where the cube stops will be chosen by people like myself, living with M.E. or long COVID, inside and often bed-bound for much of the time. The cube will be placed at the places we love but they can’t get to.

At each place an audio message will be left by the person who has chosen that place. Visitors will be invited to go inside the cube and listen to why the place means so much, why the person can’t be there, and what they would do if they were. Visitors are invited to write that person a postcard back.

Lockdown was a realisation of what it is like to be shut inside and cut off from much of normal everyday life. Over 500,000 people in the UK live with health conditions which mean this is a permanent reality. By our absence we have become invisible, shut in and shut out. This is a project to connect those absent with those present.

This is a project in development. With support, funding and the help of the ME and long COVID communities, this project will start in Spring 2023.

For more information please visit www.iwouldbehereificould.com


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